How I Met My Husband

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Experiences

When I was a senior in high school, and my older brother in college, I went to a frat party with him because he got dumped at the last minute by his date and wanted to go so bad, he asked me to fill in. How could I turn that down? That’s where I met Chris. He thought I was a student in college, and I didn’t tell him any different. It was love at first sight for me, and even though I was supposedly with a date, and he was too, he still got my number. We dated a few times and I was in heaven. When he asked what classes I was taking, I told him – just not that they were classes in high school. Of course, eventually the truth came out, and Chris was really mad that I’d lied to him – although technically, I hadn’t lied. Unfortunately for me, he didn’t quite see it that way. We didn’t see each other for six months. By then, I had graduated from high school and was a student in the same college as Chris. I found out where he would be and ‘managed’ to bump into him. The sparks were still there and we started dating again. When he got accepted to law school out of state, it was just natural that I went with him. We got married and never looked back! Does anyone out there have special stories to tell about how you met? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Shelby – I met my husband in college as well, but I was a college student at the time! We’ve been married two years now and things are going great. No kids yet.. but sometime in the future, hopefully. I’d like to hear more about your job. Anything interesting that you’re working on?


    • Hi Elizabeth – Right now with the Christmas season, things are kind of slow. But I’m still pretty busy getting ready for a case that’s going to trial in the next week or two. I can’t really talk about it, but I will post when it’s over.
      Best Wishes,


  2. Stacey Chrisman says:

    looking foraard to Hi Shelby – I met my husband at my best-guy-friend’s company’s Christmas party. Mario had similarly been suddenly single the week before the Christmas party. He begged me to go with a free open bar offer and a hotel room if I couldn’t make it home after. How do you pass up a night of dancing with people you don’t know with a side order of unlimited appletinis? So as the night went on, my little black dress seemed to draw some attention. Mario thought some harmless flirting and dancing with his recently divorced roommate would make the night a complete success. So he shuffled Brian and me to the dancefloor and hurried back to his place near the bar with the other bystanders. It was awkward and embarrassing to hear our own cheering section while making small talk with a stranger alone on the ballroom dancefloor. Well, the night ended and all was forgotten for two months. Mario wanted to hang out with me one March weekend. He wanted to show me the house he bought and thought we could pickup right where we had left off in college. We’d check out the local bars and talk about the rememberwhens. Plans were confirmed and I headed out for my hundred mile drive. When I found his new house, I was hesitent to run upthe steps because there was no indication it was his. No truck, no dog, and no welcomewagon. I rang the bell. Waiting at the door with my cellphone qued to his number, Brian opened the door. Mario is on call and wont be back for two or three hours! He invited me to dinner with some friends. To say I didn’t miss Mario that night would be rude,right? Well, Brian asked me to marry him two weeks later…on our third date. And again a month later. And again a month after that. That time I accepted. Our 13th anniversary was last week.
    Thanks for listening. Cant wait til your next book… Stacey


  3. Wow – what a great story! I love the little black dress part – you gotta love ’em when you get such great results. Your story reminds me of a romance novel – only it’s true! Yay for Mario! Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes…Shelby


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