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That’s an Addiction?

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Thoughts

The other morning I was listening to the radio when the announcer said that next up, they were going to talk about something that 98% of all women were addicted to. It was something they couldn’t leave the house without doing, and they did it everyday. Wow…what could it be? Then came the inevitable break, where I had to wait through all the commercials for the program to come back on. During that time, I was imagining all sorts of unhealthy things. I mean, if 98% of all women did this…then I probably did it too, so it made me kind of nervous, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I mean, caffeine is addictive…so maybe they were just talking about coffee, or diet drinks…but was that newsworthy? I didn’t think so. Finally the program came back on, and the announcer disclosed the addictive behavior…and guess what it was? Wearing MAKE-UP! What? I was addicted to wearing make-up? I don’t think so…I always like to look my best, and make-up enhances my natural beauty. But to say it is an addiction really cooked my noodle. Wearing make-up is not an addiction! And whoever tells you that is a Moron!