Posted: January 10, 2012 in Thoughts

Ok…so now I am totally embarrassed! Why do I do these things??? I made a quick run to the store and figured that even though I had on my sweats, no make-up, and hair in a ponytail because it was dirty, that I would just be in and out real fast and would see no one I knew. Right??? Ha ha ha. So of course I run into my old high school flame. The guy I made a fool of myself over. And guess what? He’s still HOT, and I looked like frump girl. At least he seemed happy to see me, only I could tell he was thinking…”whoa, what happened to her? She used to be such a babe!” and then “why is it that when a woman gets married, she lets herself go?” Of course I have to remind myself that he’s not married so I should cut him some slack. Or maybe not. But still, I think from now on, I’ll save the quick run to the store for when I’m dressed better and smelling good.

Have any of you had an experience like this or am I the only one? Let me know – I would love to hear from you!

  1. June says:

    Nice to read your blog


  2. abbey says:

    This ks very cool. :p


  3. lina says:

    Happened to me many times.


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