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I admit I’m kind of a geek, but when I got the opportunity to meet Nathan Fillion a.k.a. RICHARD CASTLE I jumped on the chance. I LOVE that show! It was a photo op at FANX and after signing up, I checked the guidelines for how to have a great photo shoot. They suggested making it fun and said that the stars loved to ham it up with their fans! They even had a picture showing Nathan Fillion with a fake sword stabbing a bad guy and catching the princess in his other arm. So I decided to figure out something fun.

Thinking of a tie-in to the show CASTLE, I came up with the idea of getting some handcuffs and handcuffing us together, just like Castle and Beckett in season three. That meant I had to find a pair. Naturally, I turned to my police detective friend, Dimples, and asked if he had a set I could borrow. When I explained what I wanted them for he agreed, and loaned them to me the day before the shoot. That night, I was so nervous I could hardly sleep. But the morning came and I got all dolled up just how I thought Beckett might look… if she had blond hair.

When it finally came my turn to meet him, my heart was all a-flutter, and I have to admit I was a bundle of nerves. But he was so gracious and sweet that it calmed me down. He didn’t even blink too much when I pulled out the handcuffs, although he was thinking I didn’t look too scary…and he had bodyguards, just in case. We got them on and I posed like I had captured him, and he was looking a little worried. It was great fun…until it was time to take them off. I knew I had the key somewhere, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where I’d put it. I’d left my purse on a table in the other room and had to drag him around with me to get it. After dumping everything out, and his arm flopping with my every movement, I finally remembered I’d zipped it up in my loose change pocket and dug it out.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the key fell into my hand, but with my fingers a little shaky, I still couldn’t get the key in the lock. Nathan gently took the key from me, inserted it, and like magic, the cuffs popped off. I think my face must have been bright red, or maybe it was all the apologizing I was doing, but anyway, he had them take another picture of us. This time he put his arm around me and gave me a little squeeze. He was thinking that he was glad it had turned out all right, and now he had a funny story to tell about the ditzy, but beautiful blond, and the handcuffs with the missing key.

  1. David Kirkey says:

    Great story! Glad you got to meet your hero!


  2. Geoff Parker says:

    Oh My Gawd, Shelby you must have been so embarressed! I’m sure glad it turned out alright! I like Natrhan Fillion from Serenity more than from Castle, but I’m a big fan too, and I’m sure glad you got a chance to meet him. I bet you got some great photos out of it, and a good funny story to tell. Just so long as Chris and the kids don’t make TOO much fun of you.

    I know you don’t mean to, but you DO seem to have a penchant for adventure. It’s one of the things like about you. You’re always just minding your own business trying to get things done, and trouble knocks on your door.

    Well, enjoy the good times and the photos, and I don’t think your ditzy at all.


    • Geoff – It was embarrassing, but at least I got a great photo out of it! It’s nice to know you don’t think I’m ditzy!! But you’re right, trouble seems to be my middle name – you won’t believe what’s going on in my life right now… I’ll have to tell you all about it soon!


  3. rmsqnresve says:

    Interesting…. I was curious to know what Nathan was thinking as you dragged him from place to place. Then again, I was wondering what the other people would have done if they were with you.

    I would assume that Chris would have held the key, since you were hypervent…err, too excite (to breath) in seeing Nathan.
    Ramos (if Chris was not there, and you would not let him hold the key) would have calmly approved, and seductively whispered, “Babe, I’ve got this,” chuckling at his ability to rescue you again. A racing heart and a desire to call Holly are optional.
    Joshua would probably wonder if Molly Quinn was at FANX, and Savannah might wonder if she could get handcuffed with Nathan next.


    • Oh my gosh!! You had me laughing out loud!! Thanks for brightening my day!! PS – Josh would totally go for Molly!!

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      • rmsqnresve says:


        I can see Josh “totally going for Molly.”

        In the show, if I remember, she played soccer, and she is a pretty good athlete (she also fences and dances/ballet/gymnastics) and can hold her when playing video games. Add in the fact that she is a brilliant young lady and drop-dead gorgeous, I can see Josh hunting for Molly.

        Then again, I hope that she does intimidate him.


  4. rmsqnresve says:

    By the way, where there other women in line asking if they could be next to use the handcuffs and lose the key temporarily, of course?


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