Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry?

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Advice, Experiences, Thoughts
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I made a dumb mistake when Chris and I first got married. Probably the stupidest thing a woman could ever do, but at the time, I thought I was being considerate and practical. You see, Chris would give me flowers for our anniversary…and they were great…but that really made it easy for him…just give me flowers every year, right? Maybe it came through that it wasn’t quite doing the job for me because he asked if I liked flowers, or did I think they were kind of a waste because they just wilted after a few days and then got thrown out. Practical me said “yes, you have a point” and maybe something different would be nice. Well, what ended up happening was a card and dinner (which we mostly did anyway) and no flowers.

He always scoffed at those silly jewelry commercials too…like they were just soooo over the top and who could afford that, and thank goodness I wasn’t like ‘those’ women. (To be honest, I have gotten a nice necklace here and there, but you get the picture) I got chocolates a few times as well, but I probably complained that eating chocolate was bad for my figure, so that soon stopped.

So now, at nearly fifteen years of marriage I don’t get flowers, chocolate, or jewelry. I never thought I wanted or cared about those things, but now? Yes…I do. Mostly, I want flowers. Not the cheap little arrangement either…but the nice kind that brighten up the room and make me feel special. Why did I ever tell him I didn’t need flowers?

I know…I’ll tell him about my seventeenth birthday when the really hot guy I was dating gave me a dozen red roses and how excited and thrilled I was to get them. I’ll tell him that I even took pictures. That should work…right? Or maybe I should just tell him I’ve changed my mind and would like flowers once in a while. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be relieved to finally have something to give me that he knows I want.

  1. I can’t wait for the next fabulous book!!!!


  2. David Kirkey says:

    Shelby, after all that you put Chris through, can you possibly need some materialistic example of his love! Shame on you!


  3. rmsqnresve says:


    I have to side with Chris and David Kirkey on this one. Think for a minute if, instead of a past beau, that you inserted Ramos was the giver of the flowers. Yeah, that would be a fun anniversary.

    If you have a green thumb, ask Chris if he would purchase seeds of roses (or your pick of your favorite flowers) or young plants that you could place in your garden. Then, you would have your flowers annually, and they would last longer than a couple of weeks. Yes, it would be a little more time and effort, but you would have your favorite flowers, that like your love for Chris, is long lasting. Besides, it might be a project that both of you can work together, and then you two can enjoy them even more.

    Just a thought.


  4. I love that idea! In fact, Chris and I planted daffodils last fall and I am really enjoying them right now. I have always loved lilacs – maybe we’ll have to get a bush. Then there’s the gardenias, but I think I’ll pass on those!


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