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Posted: February 26, 2019 in Advice, Consulting, Experiences, Thoughts
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Recently, I attended my son’s parent-teacher conference. While there, the lady in charge of career day stopped to talk with me. She asked if I’d be willing to talk to students on career day who were interested in becoming private investigators. I could tell them how I got started, give them an estimate of how much money they could make, and explain what the job entailed.

I immediately imagined telling them that I’d gotten my start at the grocery store while shopping for carrots. I’d explain that I’d been caught in the cross fire by a bank robber and gotten shot in the head, thus giving me the ability to read minds – which led me into this perfect career.

I had to admit that I’d get a kick out of seeing their eyes bulge while they wondered if I was for real, or if I was just messing with them. At least it would get their attention, which is a big deal for a bunch of teenagers. Just thinking about doing that brought a smile to my lips.

The lady cleared her throat, wondering what was so funny.

My brows drew together, and I tried my best to look interested. “Do you really have that many students who’d be interested in a career like that?”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know. I thought I’d ask if you could speak first, and then if there was enough interest from the students, I’d have you as a resource. What do you think?”

I hated to let her down, but I wasn’t a licensed private investigator. “I’m sorry, but I’m a consultant, not a P.I.” Her lips turned down, so I continued, “I consult for the police and I have my own consulting business. It’s different from being a P.I. So you’d probably need someone else.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she said, then her eyes brightened. “But maybe you could talk to them about your consulting business, and how you got involved with working for the police. I imagine your work is quite interesting, and something the students might want to know.”

“Uh… well that’s a possibility.” I immediately thought of my consulting work for a mob boss. I was sure they’d love to hear about that! I let out a little chuckle.

The lady frowned and scrunched up her nose, wondering why I kept smiling and laughing. Did I think this was a joke or something?

“Uh… but I have a better idea,” I continued, not wanting to give her the wrong idea. “If there is interest in that kind of a career, why don’t we ask a detective with the police? I have a friend on the force who would be happy to come.”

She nodded, thinking that would be a great way to go. “Sure,” she agreed. “But only if you come with them. Your friend can talk about being a detective, and you can share what it’s like to be a consultant.”

“Well… yeah… I guess that would work.”

“Great! Career day is usually in April, so you should be hearing from me soon.” She smiled, excited to have me on board, and thinking she was sure there would be a lot of interest from the students. “Talk to you soon.”

As she walked away, I let out a sigh. What had I gotten into now? I could imagine that Dimples would have enough information to take up most of the time. I’d just have to hope that no one would have questions for me.

Then the biggest realization of taking part in career day hit me. Since I’d built my career on the fact that I could read minds, or as I called it, “premonitions,” how was I supposed to talk about that? I was a consultant for the police because of my psychic abilities. Did they have a career path for psychics? Not in a million years.

If she’d known about that part, I was sure she never would have asked me. Now what was I supposed to do? I sighed, deciding I’d just have to wait and see what happened. There was a chance she wouldn’t call me, but if it ended up that she did, I’d just have to let Dimples do the talking, and pretend I knew something about it.

On the other hand, I could always tell the career day lady that my expertise was in psychic abilities, and if she wanted me to talk about that, I’d be more than willing to share what I knew. That would probably get me off the hook, and I’d never have to worry about hearing from her again.

Yeah. That makes the most sense, but now I don’t know what to do. Which is best? SO – Now I’m asking you. What do you think I should do? Go with the whole premonition thing, or just play along like a normal person? Let me know in the comment section below – but tell me soon, April isn’t too far away!

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  1. Molly says:

    Shelby, you never take the easy way out!! Somehow it would come out about your physic abilities and you and Dimples could make it sound more like an FBI profiler to tone down your abilities but consider this: It opens the door to many scenarios. You could read the mind of one of the students in the class that needs help, or a student could seek your help after the discussion, etc. Some exciting adventures could happen!!


    • Molly – I like the way you think!! lol! There are so many possibilities that it boggles the mind… hehehe! You’re right, I should think about changing my ‘premonitions’ to something more like a profiler. I will keep that in mind… haha… THANKS for sharing! ~Shelby


  2. Cherri says:

    Just be normal


  3. georgiamimi says:

    Just play along! You are very good at adjusting to a situation!


  4. Denise Colvin says:

    Go with the premonition thing.


  5. Johan Koeslag says:

    Definitely go the premonition route… kids these days are awesome, acutely perceptive and much more aware than we give them credit for!


  6. Gayle Boyce says:

    Better just play along. lol

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  7. Tell her! You would never even be asked to work class parties again or you would be the most popular Mom in homeroom!

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  8. Wendy L Butterfield says:

    If I were you, I’d definitely go with the psychic story. If there’s a slight chance to get out of career day altogether, this is the only way it’ll work out! If it creates additional interest, there’s no real science to it (is there?) and easier to make things up as you go.

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  9. Deanna McLellan says:

    I like Molly’s response! Agree with her.

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  10. Toni Ann Winninger says:

    The thing you have to be careful about is what your kids might learn- you don’t want them to know you read their minds that would be instant trouble at home. If you go the psychic route they are sure to get ideas. Everyone seems comfortable with the premonition story and you could spend the time telling how they have worked in your cases with dimples. Play it by ear as always and “listen” to their unasked questions.


  11. Geoff Parker says:

    Shelby, Shelby, Shelby… We all know in playing the “straight man” to Dimples, you’d talk about premonitions… and then of course realize that the teacher was guilty of murdering a student or something… and then the teacher would be afraid you were on to her… and another fine parcel of trouble would be heading your way… especially when she kidnapped Dimples who couldn’t bring his gun into school. <<>>. Trouble DOES have a way of finding you, doesn’t it?

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  12. Hehe, Shelby you do make me laugh! But you do yourself a disservice too – while you’re not a licensed PI, you’re an experienced investigator and contribute more than mindreading alone to Dimples – you are good at helping solve mysteries too, even if you do often need Ramos to help get you out of trouble too. Speaking of, if things get too bad, maybe you should get him to go along as a hitman speaker – that’d REALLY make careers day interesting 😉


  13. Lesley says:

    hmmm, somehow dangerous with the premonitions. What if they ask for detailed information because a curious child wants to know more and wants to go into more detail? These children also talk to their parents after School. Do you really want so many people to dig themselves in your secrets? Better not wake up sleeping dogs :0)


  14. Lynn says:

    Hmm. You’re talking about kids here and we all know that kids can be very intuitive and hard to fool, plus you really don’t want to lie to children. Get yourself “off the hook”. I don’t think you want to go down that slippery slope!


  15. Bill Morgan says:

    I definitely think you should go with the premonition thing.


  16. Clue Gilman says:

    Premonition of course !! reading how, or in my case listening to how you get out of those sticky situations is exciting …. Normal is boring !! I can’t wait .


  17. Diane Glass says:

    Before you say anything you ought to check in with Josh and Savannah, you’ve asked them to keep most of your adventures on the DL, but we all know Savannah is quite the story teller already. The thing is, if you say something about your abilities, even as premonitions, and it contradicts something one of them has said to their peers, you could be opening up a can on worms on that front. Good luck!


  18. Ann Drake says:

    Shelby you already have a knack for getting yourself in to trouble. Do ya really want to open yourself up to trouble from the general public??? Doesn’t Uncle Joey and even Dimples keep you busy enough? lol


  19. Bentje says:

    So, how did it all turn out?
    Did you have to talk on front of the kids? And if so, did you take Ramos or Dimples with you?
    Looking forward to reading all about it.

    Oh and something else: I wondered if you and Chris did get to take that trip to Italy… ?


  20. Appreciate you bloogging this


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