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Posted: April 19, 2016 in Experiences, Thoughts
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After my trip to Paris, I looked forward to going out to lunch with my best friend, Holly, and telling her all about it. She’s one of the few people who can really appreciate a certain hit-man, and all the juicy details that I always leave out with everyone else.

Naturally, I told her all about my brush with the terrorists, and how Ramos came to my rescue. I picked up that her jealousy spiked a little, mostly when I told her about the motorcycle ride with Ramos through the city. She tried to tamp it down a little, and rationalized that since I’d almost been killed a few times, she wouldn’t ever want to trade places with me.

That reasoning worked for her, especially when I told her about the bomb. Of course, it went out the window after that, because…what kind of a friend would I be if I couldn’t tell her what happened after we took care of the bomb? Her mouth dropped open, and I think she even drooled a little. After that, she was thinking that maybe all the bad stuff that happened to me wasn’t so bad after all.

In some ways, I had to agree that there was a silver lining in there somewhere, but I wasn’t sure coming so close to death made up for that. Still, I had to believe that the outcome was worth it all, or I might want to stay home and never leave my house again.

Then her thoughts turned to Chris, and the time she’d seen him with another woman while I was in Paris. It had troubled her, but after hearing about my adventure, she decided to leave it alone, thinking there had to be a reason for it.

I picked up more details, that she’d seen him at a furniture store with a pretty, younger woman. They were laughing together, and looking at a fine leather couch set and some artwork. Probably something to do with his job, although she couldn’t figure out what that might be.

Now my mouth dropped open, and my stomach tightened with dread. All those old feelings I’d had when Kate was around came to the surface, and threatened to overwhelm me with panic.

“Shelby? Is something wrong?” Holly asked.

“Oh no…nothing. This sandwich is really good. How do you like yours?” While we ate, all kinds of scenarios about what Chris might have been up to filled my head, but I decided that I’d try not to worry. I had no doubt that he loved me, and we were good, so there had to be a reasonable explanation. We’d talk and he’d think about it, and then I’d know. I was sure it was nothing, but I couldn’t help seeing the irony in the situation, either.

In the end, it kind of ruined my enjoyment of telling Holly all the juicy details about Paris, and this was one of those times I wished I couldn’t read minds.






  1. Marcia Laman says:

    Love hearing from Shelby! Love your writing talent Colleen! I am a big fan of yours!


  2. Geoff Parker says:

    Oh oh! I bet it is some kind of surprise, Shelby! I don’t think you need to worry about Chris with a girl any more than he needs to worry about you and Ramos…. Right? But I’m sorry she took the fun out of telling your story about Paris. Next time shields up!


  3. M Ingram says:

    Hmm, makes you wonder about Chris because Shelby is gone so much and secretly I would love to see something happen with Shelby and Ramos BUT I think that would ruin their relationship and more so Shelby’s marriage because I love to see a story about a marriage that is strong like Shelby’s. I am torn!! So..Colleen you are such a great writer..I trust your judgement on how the story goes…cannot wait for the next adventure and hope it is as many pages as you can write because I never want the books to end!!! Time to start reading the stories again for the 4th time!!!


  4. rmsqnresve says:


    You jealous? Seriously?

    Chris cannot hide his thoughts so you would have know of any distractions when you two were in Paris.

    You both know what turns each other on. Kate–who could use her body to entice any man–could not hold a candle to you, even when the dress was a little snug. And you are jealous?

    Just a thought.


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