Motorcycle or Scooter?

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Experiences, Thoughts
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All of you know how much I love going on motorcycle rides. But after yesterday, I’ve decided that it’s mostly because of the person taking me on the ride.

Yesterday, I got a call from my friend, Holly. She told me that her husband got her a scooter for her birthday. I think it’s a Vespa. Anyway… I hurried over to see it and maybe take a ride. It was so cute … kind of a lime green color. And the thing I liked most, was that it didn’t have any gears you had to shift, and it was small enough for me to handle.

As you know, on a motorcycle, you have to do that whole gear shift thing on the handlebar and with your foot, which can be a little intimidating… at least for me. Plus, the motorcycle that I usually ride is pretty big. If I tried to take that out by myself, I’m not sure I’d be strong enough to hold it upright. Still, I’m sure they have smaller motorcycles that I could try, right? Plus it might be a good thing to learn how to ride one just in case… you know… something happened.

With that in mind, I totally jumped at the chance to try out Holly’s Vespa, just to get a feel for it in a non-threatening way. If I liked it… who knew? Maybe I’d want to get one, or try out a smaller-size motorcycle?

She drove it around first and showed me how it worked, driving it up and down the street a few times. Then it was my turn. The handlebars have a brake lever and the one on the right side is the one you pull toward you to make it go.

It seemed simple enough, and it kind of reminded me of the wave-runner I took out at the lake a few years ago. I had my two kids on it behind me, and we started out pretty slow. Then the need for speed hit me, and I twisted the handle. We took off and it was great fun, until the kids lost their grip and flew off behind me. Luckily they both had on life jackets, but I didn’t realize they were slowly losing their grip because of the speed, or I would have slowed down…

Anyway, I tested the brakes and then twisted the handle and started off. I was going pretty slow, but I veered to the left where there’s a two-foot drop-off from Holly’s driveway to the neighbor’s driveway. I was holding onto the handlebar so tight, that I forgot that I needed to let go in order to stop.

I managed to turn the wheel in time to avoid going off the edge, but it was close, and I heard some yelling going on behind me. By then, I had come to the end of the driveway. Luckily, I shifted my hand on the handle. With a deep breath of relief, I slowed in time to look both ways before pulling out and turning up the street.

I made it to the top of the street and decided to go around the block, since I wasn’t sure I could turn it around. By the time I’d made it back around the street, I was starting to get the hang of it. I’d even managed not to tip over or anything. But my legs were a little shaky from all the excitement.

With relief, I turned into the driveway and pulled to a stop in front of everyone almost like a pro. I even remembered to put my feet on the ground so the scooter wouldn’t tip over.

Holly smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She reached for the handlebar, thinking how grateful she was that I’d make it back alive, and that I’d almost killed her brand-new scooter. She also wasn’t sure she’d ever let me ride it again.

It kind of hurt my feelings. Sure I’d sort of messed up at the beginning, but I’d made it all the way around the block just fine. Still, I knew it would take a lot more practice for me to feel totally comfortable riding around on it.

That’s when I realized that maybe having a motorcycle of my own wouldn’t be such a good idea after all. I really liked riding on the back much better than driving it myself anyway. Especially when I could wrap my arms around the one person who liked to take me on those rides… yeah… I think it’s safer for everyone if I stick to that plan from now on.



  1. This reminds me of the time I got my own scooter a really long time ago. I rode it around the yard and was doing really great and decided I could handle it and talked my day to let me ride along side of him, me on my scooter and him on his motorcycle. We rode down the road to the store and back. I was doing really great and pro like until I had to pull into my driveway. I hit a pothole right at the edge of the road and then ran up the hill and hit the meter hole. The terror wasn’t over then, nope, I then somehow hit the flowerbed barrier and flew over the handle bars head first into the cinder block house skirt. To this day, I haven’t ridden another one!

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  2. obiwan324 says:

    I think you are better off riding on your favorite motorcycle with your favorite hit man from the back. Just my two cents worth, Shelby, no hard feelings!

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  3. Lesley says:

    It´s better riding on the back, trust me! A motorcycle is very different from a Scooter. You need to be able to pick it up when you fall or handle the gears so you don´t jump up in the air with the front tire. The smaler motorcycles might be an option, like 250-500 cubic meter ones. Never underestimate the power of a motorcycle! That´s why the most accidents with them are deadly. A scooter is a nice vehicle ones you learn how to drive it, it does not take long, just someone who instructs you well.
    Maybe you can borrow one to exercise a little and than buy one for yourself. Good luck!

    I would prefer riding with my favorite person on the back like you do :0)



  4. Nancy says:

    I want a motorcycle but I can’t pick it up if it falls over. You have to be really strong. I have seen one fatal accident with a motorcycle and I think a scooter is the way to go, not that you can’t get killed on a scooter, it’s just quieter and more for neighborhood rides, put a basket on it and you can go get a gallon of milk quickly. I only ride motorcycles with experienced drivers. there, I said it.


  5. Kathleen Kendler says:

    Riding isn’t all that difficult, if you take a good safety/learn to ride. If you are more comfortable riding, then so be it. There’s no shame in riding. 😉


  6. Connie Bernhardt says:

    Riding behind is great, till the guy breaks up with you, or vise a versa, and there goes the bike. I finally got a small one I could sit on with my feet comfortable on the ground with. I love it. Those little scooters look cute, but I’m for the motorcycle. Loved your blog


  7. John Presler says:

    I ride a custom trike – The front end is an ’83 Goldwing and the back end is a ’71 Karmann Ghia. It also has a 4-speed manual transmission.

    Unfortunately, my wife can’t ride with me any more, so it sits in the garage more than it gets ridden. As a result, I am selling it.


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