Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Consulting, Experiences
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As most of you know, I began my consulting agency nearly a year ago. So much has happened in that time that it kind of blows my mind. To say the least, it has been one adventure after another! I always seem to have my hands full, and right now is no exception.

I’m helping a police detective, whom I call Dimples, with a murder investigation. He found out my secret that I can read minds a few months ago, but he is the only one on the police force who knows the truth. Naturally, he wants my help when he’s assigned a hard case. I usually don’t have too many problems finding the guilty party, since all I have to do is talk to the major suspects and listen to their thoughts. The guilty person always thinks about how they did it, and I can usually wrap it up pretty quick.

But not this time.

So far, every single suspect I’ve talked to is innocent, and my ability isn’t as helpful as I’d like. The police chief is even getting a little upset with me and wondering what happened to my ‘premonitions.’ (This is what I call my ability to keep my secret safe). So now Dimples and I are scrambling to find the guilty party, and I’m finally learning what it’s like to do real detective work.

But after this morning, I’m ready to quit. Some evidence Dimples gathered yesterday makes it look like organized crime might be involved. Dimples actually had the gall to ask me to spy on Uncle Joey. He knows I used to work for Uncle Joey, but what he doesn’t know is that Uncle Joey knows my secret and I still work for him.

I can’t very well spy on Uncle Joey for the police, can I? So what am I supposed to do? If Uncle Joey is involved, does that mean I should warn him about the investigation? Maybe if I did, he could do something to cover up his involvement. But isn’t that aiding and abetting? I could go to jail for something like that.

On the other hand, if I find he’s not involved, that would be a good thing, too. My only way out, is to find the real killer and hope he’s not tied to Uncle Joey. Still, I think I might mention the investigation to Uncle Joey, just in passing, so it’s not like I’m actually warning him about anything. Then he’d be prepared, right?

Besides, I think if Uncle Joey had the guy killed, the body wouldn’t have been at the crime scene. From what I’ve picked up about how he does things, there probably wouldn’t have been a body to find in the first place. So in that respect, it couldn’t have been Uncle Joey, and all my worry is for nothing.

Ugh! See what I mean about quitting? As much as I enjoy having my own consulting agency, it’s not an easy thing to work on both sides of the law. In fact, it’s downright stressful. If I don’t quit the agency altogether, I should probably make a decision to either help the police, or work for Uncle Joey.

Or maybe I’ll just take some time off and quit working for both of them. That way, I’ll only have personal cases to work on, and I won’t end up in such dangerous situations all the time.

Of course, that’s not always true either. I’ve had a few of my own cases that nearly got me killed anyway. See my dilemma? If I had to choose between Uncle Joey and Dimples, I don’t think I could do it. I owe Uncle Joey too much to ever break ties with him, and Dimples is my friend and knows my secret.

So… I guess I’ll just keep going with what I’m doing and hope for the best. As long as I have plenty of Mylanta handy, I should be able to handle it, right? Especially if Ramos is around to save my bacon…and maybe take me on a motorcycle ride or two. But see what I mean about being between a rock and a hard place?


  1. I can’t imagine living with her talent or her dilemma fortunately I have you to do that for me. Glad she is choosing to stick with it. Ah, Ramos.

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  2. Janene says:

    Is this about your new book?


  3. Debee Morelli says:

    Colleen, You are the BEST!! I love your books!! I can hardly wait for your next book. But, I call them the next chapter. Because the minute it is released I buy it and I can not put it down until it is finished. I hope you never stop the Shelby series.


    • Thanks Debee! I’m smiling like a crazy person right now! I can’t wait until this book is done, because I’ve got so many more ideas for the next, and the next… You keep me writing!! πŸ˜€


  4. M Ingram says:

    I don’t think Shelby would be happy to give up Uncle Joey or Dimples. I love the fact that Uncle Joey thinks so much of Shelby and probably has never had anyone to like him just for himself like Shelby does and that is why he thinks so much of her…a good bond for both of them with the bonus of Ramos!! I wonder if Shelby’s children will ever be told about her “secret” ?? They are getting older. As long as Shelby never loses her ability to read minds I will be happy and always anxious to read the next adventure!!! THESE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOKS!!


    • Woohoo! Thanks so much! πŸ˜€ Yeah – I think Ramos makes it all worth it – hehehe!! I hope the children don’t ever find out though, can you imagine??? Yikes!!


  5. Kim Babbitt says:

    This series replaced Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series as my all-time favorite! Shelby is a caring, slightly zany but relatable character, that is so authentic, I consider her a literary friend. You have made her unique gift of mind reading completely believable and humorous, while infusing the novels with danger, intrigue, and romance. The supporting characters are just that – supportive of Shelby, while being distinctive and entertaining enough that the reader looks forward to their next interaction. I recommend this series to everyone, and anxiously await the next installment. I especially enjoy listening to this series’ audiobooks. The narrator does a masterful job of bringing the characters to life, and increases our connection to them all. I have one request: Please write faster!😍


    • Thanks so much Kim! I really mean it when I say you keep me writing! I’m hard at work, and well over half-way done with the next book, Hidden Deception! I can’t wait to share it with you! Thanks again for your awesome feedback. YOU made my day!!


  6. rmsqnresve says:


    If it were Uncle Joey and/or Ramos, as careful as he is, to use your words, “there would not be a crime scene.” Thus, you might not know that a crime had been committed.

    I will assume that Uncle Joey is not the only crime boss in the area, and those families might not be as careful as Uncle Joey or someone might have gone “rogue.”

    Also, I would remind Dimples of the problems the Police Department must deal with if an innocent person is detained–whether with flimsy or creditable evidence–and then has to let the person go free.

    Just review the clues again. Look for the oddity (besides a dead body) that has not been explained. Look for money trails. Understand why someone saw this person as a threat that they had to use an extreme method to eliminate them permanently. This might lead you to the person who never interviewed or who the police wrote off because of a missed or misunderstood clue.

    Just a thought.


    • Thanks for the advice. Just between you and me, in some cases I think it’s hard to know who the real bad guys are, especially when they’re always wanting me to help them in a coercive way. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to tell them no once in awhile…

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  7. Carolyn Naumann says:

    Next book please….


  8. Carolyn Naumann says:

    Reading an actual book is difficult for me to do as I’m either sewing (I’m an alterations specialist) or drawing.. So I listen to your books as well as others. I just reread (listened) the whole series again. When will audible pick up your new book for those of us who listen to books so we can earn our living as well?? πŸ˜‰


    • Hi Carolyn! My producer, Wendy Tremont King, just finished all the edits for the book!! SO… it should be all ready to go for the August 12th release date!! That’s great that you can listen to books while you work. I used to do that when I did data-entry. It sure made the time go by faster! Hope you love the new book!! ❀


  9. Carolyn Naumann says:

    Wow & thank you !! Sooo looking forward to your new book !! 😜

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