Summer = Family Reunion

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Experiences, Thoughts
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I look forward to summer all year, mostly because of how great it is to be outside and enjoy the fun outdoor activities. The one thing I don’t enjoy so much is the family reunion. That probably makes me a bad person, but ever since I got my mind-reading abilities, family reunions have been quite stressful. Just think about it…do you really want to know what your Aunt Beverly thinks about you? Or how about your cousins? It always seems like a big brag party about who is doing what, who has the smartest kids, who has won the most awards, or what great vacation someone went on, etc. etc. etc.

It’s also a shock to see that the cousins you played with as kids turn up bald and not looking a bit like you remembered them. It makes you hope you don’t look as old as they do. The reminiscing part is kind of fun though, as long as it’s about good memories and not the bad ones. Like the time my older cousins took turns sitting in a rocking chair that belonged to old great-aunt Lucille who had just died, and acting like they were being choked while I watched. Everyone took their turn and the same thing happened. Then they dared me to sit in it. Of course, great-aunt Lucille kind of scared me while she was alive, with her missing teeth and whiskers, so I could just imagine her choking me for sitting in her chair. I refused, and naturally, they called me all kinds of names for being such a chicken, and then later they made fun of me for believing them since they just made it all up to scare me.

That’s why it will be so tempting this year to listen to their thoughts. Just imagine the juicy details I could pick up from their minds to tease them with…but do I really want to know what they’re thinking? What if I pick up something really bad? Probably not a good idea. I’ll just have to put my shields up and act normal, although it might be fun to see if they’re thinking the same things about the reunion as I am. Now that would be something.

  1. Debee says:

    I can’ wait!!


  2. Jeanie Jackson says:

    I can so relate! Expect I know that I am twice the woman I used to be, physically. I am proud of you for resisting, Shelby. With family reading minds could be more dangerous than reading for Joey.


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